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Estethica features top doctors at 3 modern clinics in Istanbul. Get expert plastic and aesthetic surgery and related treatments at HALF the price of comparable cosmetic surgery in most countries. Enjoy more and pay less while receiving world-class care for FUE hair transplant procedures, dental treatments, and a wide range of general aesthetic treatments.

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Making the world beautiful together...

Estethica medical center in Yeni Sülün Sok. No:13 34330 3.Levent / İstanbul, Turkey
📍Yeni Sülün Sok. No:13 34330 3.Levent / İstanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷

Full Range of Cosmetic Treatments

Now you can have the beautiful and healthy body you want. From rolling back the years for a younger look to correcting challenges you've struggled with. Estethica Health Group offers some of the world's finest hair transplant, dental, plastic surgery and cosmetic corrections. They meet the highest medical standards to ensure your safety and that you receive the beautiful look you want. Enjoy lower prices that make premium corrective procedures available to everyone, not just celebrities. Choose Estethica to achieve perfect harmony with your appearance.

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Why Choose Estethica

  • Committed to the highest standards, healthcare and safety
  • Top-trained and certified doctors and recognized plastic and aesthetic surgeons
  • Three ultra-modern clinics in Istanbul
  • Save of up to 50% compared to other cosmetic surgery clinics around the world with
  • no hidden costs
  • Attractive extras, plus you can save up to 50% on two additional treatments
  • Diligent medical follow-up after the procedure
  • Comprehensive services including optional additional wellness offers
  • English-speaking support during the entire process from advice and on-site support to aftercare
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Awards and recognition

Estethica has received numerous awards and in 2019, they received the award for their hair transplant procedures at the IFAH (International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare).

Estethica receiving the best hair transplant award at the IFAH convention
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BU Clinics offer free consultations with Estethica clinics as part of our comprehensive service. Estethica will assess your condition and we will provide you with the results and a proposal within minutes!

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Estethica medical center in Yeni Sülün Sok. No:13 34330 3.Levent / İstanbul, Turkey
Estethica medical center in Yeni Sülün Sok. No:13 34330 3.Levent / İstanbul, Turkey

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