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BU Clinics provides top of the line hair transplant treatments in state of the art facilities in Turkey, by international qualified doctors and surgeons.

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The best care is on your side.

State Of The Art Facilities

We care for your comfort and well being, specially in times like this. All of our clinics are consider luxury among health facilities.

Personal Treatment

Each and every patient has different needs and different preferences. We strive to provide a personal and intimate experience to each one of our clients.

Focused Treatment

We focus on your quality results as much as we care for your safety and health. We will never put you to any risk.

High End Medical Equipment

In order for us to truly get you unique and quality results, we use top of the line medical equipment and the latest technology developments in the hair transplant industry in order to transform your look.

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Clients share their experience

BU clinics is your choice when looking for hair transparent procedures. They are professional, kind and will make sure you will get the best treatment and care. When I arrived to the clinic, the medical team were very polite, and they guided me step by step throughout the entire process. Thank you BU Clinics! I’m so happy with the results!
Men with receding hairline
Steve Grant
WOW! There's not enough words to describe the way I feel today, after 9 months from my surgery. My hair is, I believe, as much as 95% percent they way it was when I was 17. The did a full FUE transplant for my hair with 3200 grapths. The procedure went smooth, almost painless, knowing I’m in the best hands in the industry. Needles to say, the entire process was escorted by BU Clinics, and they made sure my journey will go as smooth as it can be. They took care of my reservations, my medical documents, car rental, and many more.
Review for BU Clinics
James Stinger
Thank you BU Clinics! You guys are the best. I used your services to fly from California to turkey last year, and did my hair transplant at one of your clinics. I was impressed with the technology and the facility. It gave me a peace of mind knowing I’m in the right hands.
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John Winter

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